VANMOKUM is looking for a new Account Manager!

Do you love design? Does your passion for design range from lighting to furniture to interior? Do you always talk about the best go-to stores for your latest design products? You’ve come to the right place…

Because we’re looking for an inspiring new account manager in the southern region of The Netherlands! In this job, you’ll be on the road meeting with buyers from the most amazing stores (that are the perfect match for our brands) while operating under the wings of VANMOKUM. You’ll be working on maintaining and finding new great partnerships, where you take care of sales and sell through.

The most important part is that you will get the opportunity to work for several amazing brands – not just one – and you can finally share that enthusiasm and passion for design you have. We promise that everyday will be an exciting one, while working in a young and clever team.

So, who are you?
You’re somebody who can develop new sales techniques, find clever ways to improve retailers’ sell through, and knows how products should be presented in stores. You like to work with targets and you’re capable of achieving and celebrating success – including the little ones!
You’ll be working on developing new relationships with stores, but you also know how to stay in touch with your existing customers regularly. Beside your pleasant and captivating personality, you have a certain way with people. You love to go to events and chat with (preferably) store owners you’ve never met before, haven’t seen in ages, or just saw an hour ago!

While chatting with an owner of a great store, we expect some excellent negotiation skills from you – not the shaking-your-hand-a-really-long-and-hard-time way, but in a way that fits your personality perfectly: charming!

What do you have to offer?
Every job offer needs bullet points! Here they are to summarize what we would love to see from you:

  • You’re capable of thinking on a higher professional education level
  • You’ve had 3 years of sales experience in the Dutch retail-market.
  • You know how to make a killer presentation..
  • You’re great at working on your own, but also love to be part of a team.
  • You have this getting-things-done attitude; pro-active.
  • You love to be on the road
  • You live preferably in the southern region of the Netherlands
  • You’re hopefully available as soon as possible (we are very eager to start working with you!), but we’re flexible.

Now, enough about you, let’s talk about us!
If we haven’t convinced you by now this job is perfect for you, get ready for what we have to offer!

From our studio in Amsterdam we design, develop and admire beautiful and unique products. Our own brands are LEFF amsterdam, Droog, Frama, Karven, Graypants and our latest asset: Soundskins. Every brand represents a different style and has their own story – one that you’ll be representing. Besides producing our own labels, we’re also distributor for several other design brands. This means our team covers inside and outside sales, PR and the full distribution. We sell to high-end design and interior stores, museum stores, department stores and several project customers like hotels, clubs and restaurants.

To conclude: You’ll be getting an awesome job in a young company that is growing every day. You’ll be able to develop yourself together with our company!

Okay, now the practical stuff:

  • You’ll be getting a temporary contract for 40 hours a week and the intention is to hire you permanently.
  • A good salary
  • A good retirement arrangement
  • You’ll be getting sales training regularly
  • Phone, laptop and car are on us
  • Party’s – we have our own party venue. Yes, you read that right. We call it ‘the kluis’ (it’s in the basement of our building) and its an awesome area where we celebrate every occasion possible.
  • Table football
  • A – very – nice discount on your new interior and watch collection.

Just as excited as we are? Shoot us an e-mail with your CV and a (short) motivation letter. You can contact Herman Hoexum at [email protected].