JAPTH aims to design high quality LED lamps made from sustainable materials with delicate shapes each with their own distinctive character.

JAPTH stands for high quality, responsible use of materials, and subtle design with a distinct character. In each of the designs, the possibilities of LED are optimally used, with a quirky collection as a result. Functional, timeless, but above all surprising. All this can be found in JAPTH. In short: Just A Perfect Thing. Production takes place in the Netherlands using socially responsible and sustainable methods and ways of working. The lamps are manufactured by hand by people who have difficulty finding a job on their own. Since 2022 VANMOKUM takes care of the worldwide distribution of their products.

Japth Wheel VANMOKUM


Daphna Laurens: ‘’In creating the design of Kingpin, we were looking for the perfect balance between functionality and size. The quality of lighting had to be its most important feature. Both the vertical elements shaping the (King)pin and the LEDs at the end of the horizontal lines can be rotated 360 degrees. The Kingpin defines flexibility at its best and can be used in any position without losing its balance. Both multifunctional and expressive, the Kingpin has it all!”


The Wheel, a big pendant light, was inspired by Richard Hutten’s fascination for bicycle racing. Designer Richard Hutten transformed this concept into an iconic light object.


Richard Hutten: “Tray represents my vision: Design is traditionally about solving problems. This lamp is not just some perfectly balanced light to hang above your dining table or nightstand but can also be used as a side table to showcase your favourite items.“


A lamp inspired by the perfect mathematical shape of a dodecahedron. It lets natural light through and casts dynamic shadows when lit, making the Dodeca both complex and minimalist.


ByBelli: “The mysticism of an eclipse was our inspiration for this design. The interaction between lights and shadows creates a dynamic combination of hard and soft lighting. The versatility in functionality is what makes this lamp complete.”


Signum, meaning: icon. A timeless shape and presence formed Signum. Place this lamp in the right place in your interior and it will steal the show.”

Satellite Block

Yksi Ontwerp, Kees Heurkens: “The slim design of the Satellite makes it almost feel as if it’s floating through your living room. It will remind you of the stars and planets shining down on you and guiding you home, except you already are home.” For your bedroom or living room; the Satellite will bring light to every room in your house.


This distinctive pendant light is an eyecatcher in every interior. Above your dining room table, in your hallway or hotel lobby: the Calidora will give rooms of any size, shape or style a finishing touch!

We have done many projects with the japth COLLECTION. They are featured in hotels and restaurants or private homes around the world. If you would like to know more, about possibilities, collaboration or press material please contact us. Click to see a glimpse of our japth collaborations.

  • japth
    JAPTH aims to design high quality LED lamps made from sustainable materials with delicate shapes each with their own distinctive character.
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